gamegoat (gamegoat) wrote in boston_sports,

Red Sox Goat of the Game

Hear ye, hear ye...

I'd like to invite y'all to take a gander and comment comment comment wildly at my LJ, Goat of the Game. GOTG's purpose is to be the anti-MVP award for the Boston Red Sox. The GOTG is the player who, in a win, contributed the least to the outcome of the Red Sox game or, in a loss, made the most significant plays leading to the Sox loss. We hold our players to a high standard, and it's time they get called out when they don't perform.

I just started this a couple days ago, but will be reviewing my scorecards from the entire season and naming Goats in retrospect.

Click on gamegoat to check me out. ;) Fans of all teams welcome to comment.

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